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1st blog.. History 319

Dear Blog,

I will be using this blog to reflect on what i have been learning about digital history. In the last lecture we learnt some historical method about how we mostly think in linear time. This is also known as Newtonian  time. Interestingly this concept of time has received criticisms from post colonialists as it is viewed as Euro-centric and is not how many first nations view time.

We were also asked the question about how the internet can be useful for Historians. This question caught my interest as i had learned some very good history through alternate means using the internet. For example I have began listening to Podcasts about history in different time periods that interest me. Naturally before i download and listen to a Podcast I make sure the author is legitimate and not some random guy making history fit his own agenda. So once i have found and sourced a good podcast i listen to it whilst driving or doing some other normally mundane activity. This means i can learn and engage with history whilst doing something mundane that i would not normally enjoy. This has helped rekindle my passion for history as i always look forward to doing these mundane activities as it gives me a chance to listen to a solid history podcast and learn about other cultures. So overall from my experience ‘Digital history’ can be very useful and i cannot wait to learn more about it.


Thanks for reading my blog and if you want some podcast links just comment and i will link my favorites so far.