Group projects

The group presentations were very well done and I was impressed with the imagination and creativity of the projects.

Group A had some brilliant ideas regarding a dance exhibition which would involve visitors both intellectually and kinetically. I also learnt about the importance these dances had on our grandparents social lives and its certainly something i had never thought about before. They had even thought about using QR codes which is very relevant in today’s digital age.

As someone who was born and raised in Taupo I was very interested in the topic that Group B presented. They had some good ideas about a mobile app that would help show people important historical places around the Taupo area. The thing that stood out for me though was the mention of John Te H. Grace’s book on Tuwharetoa. I was fortunate to grow up with this book in our family bookshelf and it truly is the go to book in regards to the history of the Maori people around Taupo. This showed me that Group B clearly knew the details of their project.

It was an absolute pleasure working with my group. From the start our team meshed well together with our shared topic on the ANZAC day centennial. Although there were some personal problems everyone contributed and we always seemed to be ahead of the curve.

And on that note I am looking forward to the next presentation on Friday.



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